Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fair Ridge Townhomes Real Estate Weekly Home Sales Report for 10/4/2011


Relevant Real Estate Information for the Fair Ridge Townhome Community

There is 1 active listings at Fair Ridge. There are 6 homes under contract and 2 sold in the past month. These condos are selling in less than a month. If you are thinking about buying or selling here in the Fair Ridge community contact me.

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As of today (Oct. 4, 2011) there are 1 active homes in Fair Ridge, 6 homes that are currently under contract and 2 home(s) that sold in the last 30 days.

Here’s the breakdown of all active listings in MLS:

According to MLS, new listings this week: 1



According to MLS, there are 6 homes under contract.

I will have the final numbers for these once they close.


According to MLS, 2 home(s) sold in the last 30 days.

Sold in 2011

Fairfax Condos Sold for 2007 vs. 2008 vs. 2009

Fairfax Townhomes Sold for 2007 vs. 2008 vs. 2009


There has been 0 listings that have been taken off the market in the last 30 days.


Currently for rent: Condos: 0 ; Townhomes: 3

Rented out in the past month: Condos: 0; Townhomes: 0

If you need any help finding a rental or listing your condo for rent, please contact us.

We will take care of all the work for you and do background checks on the applicants to make sure they are qualified. We are also a fully licensed property management group also. Just ask us more about how this benefits you.


If you are thinking about buying within the next 3 months. Contact us

Disclaimer: Information was gathered from the MLS and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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